Its unique surfboard tip logo says it all – IMOVIO is about mobility and agility. IMOVIO is the world’s first mobile-product brand dedicated specifically to Pocket Mobile Companions for use at home and on-the-go.

IMOVIO is dedicated to finding new ways for consumers to take advantage of the benefit of high-speed broadband Internet and 3G mobile networks. IMOVIO creates simple to use and inexpensive multimedia devices that work with mobile handsets and/or over WiFi home networks. Among its planned product offer, IMOVIO will launch palm-sized IPTV devices and multi-media messenger devices.

An international design and engineering team has helped bring to life IMOVIO’s first product, the IKIT.

Two years in the making the IKIT, a mini laptop alternative, is currently being introduced to distributor channels, network operators and ISP’s in Europe.

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